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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This addon creates a new, movable, fully customizable quest watch frame. The watch frame is the collection of objectives on the side of your screen.

You can currently customize the following:

  • Frame border (texture, size)
  • Frame background (texture or color, size, tiling, alpha, insets)
  • Fonts (titles, objectives, sizes, colors, justification, highlights, insets)
  • Mouse clicks
    • Open world map to objectives
    • Open quest log/achievements
    • Create quest/achievement link
    • Stop tracking quest/achievement
  • Style of objectives
    • Numbers first (default, same as watch frame)
    • Numbers last (how they appear in the quest log)
  • Color title or objectives by quest difficulty

In addition, players can create custom notes that appear in the new watch frame.

Slash commands

/qwc hide
Hides the new watch frame (will not update while hidden)
/qwc show
Shows the new watch frame
/qwc config
Opens the configuration options
/qwc lock
Locks or unlocks the new watch frame
/qwc note
Opens the note dialog box, which allows the player to create a note at the top of the new watch frame
/qwc note clear
Removes the note from the new watch frame
/qwc note "TITLE" "DESC"
Creates a note with the given title and description, without using the dialog box. Replace TITLE and DESC with the desired title and description of the note you wish to create.

Version History

  • Added support for scenario objectives
  • Added option to change background color when Solid or Blizzard ChatFrame Background is selected
  • Fixed daily popup quests
  • Updated .toc for patch 4.2
  • Added player notes
  • Fixed popup quests
  • Fixed buttons showing for quests that were outside of the main window
  • Fixed highlight issues when coloring description text by quest difficulty
  • Other small bug fixes

Suggestions are encouraged!


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