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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the Curse network.

Quickly builds /target macros for immediate use. I wrote it to help find mobs when solo questing. Too often, when a macro would've helped, I procrastinated making one because of the tedious process:

  1. /macro
  2. Find my /target macro.
  3. Edit the macro for the new target.
  4. Drag it onto my bars.

This mod reduces it to a single step:

  1. /qt mobname

Or even,

  1. /qt mobname1, mobname2, mobname3, etc.

The macro uses a temporary keybind, so you don't have to waste a real keybind on it; the bind only lasts as long as you have the macro active. I recommend binding it to your S-key, since it's easy to spam and you're unlikely to miss it for the brief time it's unavailable.

Use /qtm or /qtmacros for options, /qt or /qtname for building macros.

BTW I've learned of another mod with a name similar to this. I need a new name before I make a release version. Also I can't decide how to best present lists of names, and adding and removing of names, to the user. These are the big things keeping it as experimental.


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