This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PutricidePlague was designed to simplify the passing of the plague debuff on the Heroic Putricide fight. The main idea is that the addon displays optimal candidates for passing the Unbound Plague. It works by choosing the closest person to the person currently plagued under the following conditions:

  • The player will not have the Plague Sickness debuff when it is time to pass it
  • The player is alive and online
  • The player is not effected by Gaseous Bloat or Volatile Ooze Adhesive
  • The player is a ranged class (heal or dps) if there are available ranged players left
  • The player is a melee class if there are no available ranged players left
  • The player is a tank class if there are no available ranged or melee players left

Text Explanation

  • First line: Currently Plagued Unit, time debuff spent on current unit, time debuff has left overall (i.e., "Chira 5s / 42s")
  • Next 3 lines: In order of closest proximity, three eligible players for receiving the debuff and the distance between them and the plagued person (i.e., "Batche (15 yds)")
  • Note: The first line will be colored red and marked with "!" if the current afflicted player has the sickness debuff and cannot hold it without taking massive damage

Features if You are Promoted

  • The addon will mark a star on the head of the closest player (the one who the addon thinks should receive the plague)
  • The addon will count down in raid chat and in whispers when it is time to pass it (2, 1, 0, and repeated reminders if it has not been passed)

Configuration (/pp, /putriplague, /putricideplague)

  • lock - toggles lock/unlock on the text frame to allow for positioning
  • reset - resets the position of the text frame
  • clear - clears the contents of the text frame (should never be needed)
  • whisper - toggles whispering (only applies if you are promoted)
  • arrows - uses DXE's arrow system to point you in the direction of the person you should drop the plague off to or pick it up from

Additional Configuration

  • Default pass times are 12s on 10 man, 8s on 25 man
  • Default safe threshold (when you can continue to hold the plague) is 15s on 10 man, 12s on 25 man
  • These values may be modified by opening PutricidePlague.lua and searching for the string "local MODE_SETTINGS" near the top. The values that follow can be changed to your guild's liking.

Note: This addon sends whispers using the format ">>> (message) <<<", and also filters out any outgoing whispers matching that description, so you will not have to see yourself spam players. Consequently, any message that you send or any other addon sends that also matches this format will not display in your chat box.


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