This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Not gonna work on this any more since i am planning to convert this to LDB base, if by any chance some1 wants to continue this project, pls pm me.

Used to visualize and change values of variables/variable-trees in game

Mainly ment for developers who want to watch the current values of all variables in game in realtime, you can also edit values to see what happens to your addon.

Functionality Description :

Fubar_Button :

  • Normal Click - Refreshes the variable that is presently debugged
  • Shift Click - Open/Close the box to enter a variable for debugging (you can also use the fubar menu)
  • Ctrl Click - Cleans up everything, meaning erasing the tracked data and reattaching tooltip basically used when you stop using the addon but want to keep the icon up
  • Alt Click - Reload the UI

Nodes in tooltip :

  • Normal Click - displays the values in the top of the tooltip or in the fubar (depending on selection/ lines displayed) ->tables - collapses/expands tables
  • Shift Click - for normal nodes it will allow you to edit their values (orange text color in edit box indicates that you are editing) (edit is not avail for function or bool values)
  • Shift Click tables - shows only this table in the tooltip (you may browse back by clickin the top table node)
  • Ctrl Click - for normal nodes it does nothing
  • Ctrl Click tables - collapses/expands all nodes with the same depth as this one

The EditBox (this functionality is only in the shift click box, not in the fubar menu) :

  • Enter - will display the variable/tree for the entered value
  • Shift+Enter - same as Enter but will close the box right away
  • Tab - browse through the used values
  • Shift+Tab - backwards browse through the used values
  • Ctrl+Tab - erase the present value of the browse history and jump to the previous one (to erase the whole history go into fubar menu under 'Debug Box Options')

Note : Atm you have to seperate all values with a dot meaning a tree like whatever["you"].do["is"].crap will not be recognized like that if you enter it you would have to enter it like this whatever.you.do.is.crap to make it work, i will implement an algorythm that will remove those restrictions asap

the auto attach / detach function adjusts the tooltip once its displayed after a refresh with a 0.5 second delay. the reason for that is, that i kept getting errors from fubar when trying to detach tooltip without showing it first, this will hopefully be solved soon


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