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Pro Guide

This addon is the second generation of Tour Guide - Trade Skill

It's a standalone addon that don't need Tour Guide to be used like the Tour Guide - Trade Skill dose.
It will have a new interface witch is larger than the old one and holds more information in it witch should make it more readable.
It might also have a small 1 line step like Tour Guide have, but I'm not sure about that yet.

This addon is still in planing and in a very small alpha state so don't try it out yet.
You are able to see the progress down below.

Progress so far and what's planed

First Priority



Make Config pageOn HoldWaiting for more settings to add.
Make Error/Debug/report frameDone
Add Guide ParserOn HoldWaiting for more data to add.
Translate Guide parserNot Started
Add Data ParserNot Started
Translate Data ParserNot Started

Second Priority
Make Guide Creation UI modNot Started


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