This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PoisonSwapper manages weapon swaps for maximum poison damage by automatically swapping in a weapon with instant or wound poison to your offhand when you have a 5 stack of Deadly Poison up with more than 5 seconds remaining. This allows you to use a damage poison, like Wound or Instant as is appropriate to your spec in order to achieve maximum throughput.

This can result in a 300 DPS gain for a BIS combat rogue, and a 600 DPS gain for a BIS Mutilate rogue.

To use it, just poison your primary offhand with Instant or Wound Poison as appropriate, and a secondary offhand with Deadly. Your Instant/Wound hand should have better uptime, so you generally want that weapon to be your better one, and your Deadly weapon should be fast, due to Deadly's flat 30% (before talents) proc rate. The mod does the rest and automatically swaps weapons for you. You can toggle it on and off with /ps, or by clicking the included LDB entry.

PoisonSwapper supports a PVP mode, as well, which will equip poisons with the priority: Crippling -> Mind Numbing (If caster target. This includes ret paladins and enhance shaman at the moment, unfortunately) -> Damage Poison. It is automatically enabled against PVP targets, and can be forced on (for something like faction champs) with /ps pvp. Do be aware that in a PVP environment, where poisons are often removed, this will cause you to be on the GCD a lot and might potentially be an overall strategic loss. Usage is left to the user's discretion.

  • /ps boss - Toggle on boss-only. Boss-only will only use Deadly poison on boss mobs, damage poison on others. Default Off.
  • /ps debug - Toggle debug mode. Can help identify why the addon may not be working. Default Off.
  • /ps [pvp/pve/auto] - Force PvP, PvE, or Auto mode. Default is Auto.
  • /ps toggle - Toggle PoisonSwapper on and off.
  • /ps time <number> - Set the number of seconds at which to swap back to your primary poison. Default 5.

Finally, PoisonSwapper includes an intelligent swing estimator, and will attempt to only equip weapons immediately following a white mainhand swing. Changing weapons resets your swing timer on both hands, so swapping halfway through a mainhand swing timer is rather expensive. This causes PoisonSwapper to produce superior overall DPS compared to poison swapping macros or manual swapping.


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