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  • _ForgeUser778445 created this issue Feb 16, 2011

    What is the enhancement in mind?
    I would like my target bar to indicate with a border if the current enemy target has a removable buff. Currently it does only show a removable debuff on friendly targets.

    How should it look and feel?
    Depending on the class the frame border would change color if a removable buff is present.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    Mages - stealable
    Shaman - purgable (magic)
    Priest - dispellable (Magic)
    Hunter - tranq (enrage / magic)
    Rogue - shiv (enrage)
    Warrior - ? (magic?)
    Druid - ?
    Warlock - ? (magic/felhunter?)
    deathknight -
    Paladin - cleanse (magic)

    As far as i am aware each class has a maximum of one offensive spell to remove a buff.

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  • _ForgeUser778445 posted a comment Mar 25, 2015

    is working in the latest release. I think this ticket can be closed.

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