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  • _ForgeUser1301649 created this issue Jun 4, 2009

    I´m having problems with Visual heal and couldnt find anyone with similar problem :/
    it´s active on all my unitframes(self, target, target´s target and raid)
    quite often (but couldn´t find any regularitys and it disapears without reason aswell) outgoing heals are displayed much "longer" then they should because theres a white (no matter what colors i choose in the options) bar of fixed lenght before the heal bar itself.
    with fixed length i mean that thar bar seems to be the same lengh on my raid and self unitframe eventhough my own unitframe is about two times the size of my raid unitframes

    What version of the product are you using?
    up to r20090604044858-nolib

    Do you have an error log of what happened?

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  • shefkin posted a comment Jun 20, 2009

    Can this still be replicated? I'm thinking that a change just before you filed this ticket should have fixed this issue. We had some scaling issues with recycled frames.

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  • _ForgeUser2044471 posted a comment Jun 23, 2009
    I can confirm this as a problem. It was happening to me today (and it has been happening, occasionally, for several weeks, at least). It seems, anecdotally, that the problem has some connection to how "busy" the target is. If there are a lot of buffs/debuffs on the target. The extra bar seems to be white for me, as well. I assumed this was because I am a priest and my player-frame's hp bar is class-colored (ie white). I could not repeat this on my shaman after a couple minutes of spam healing on himself, so it may be priest only. I don't know what other aspects of pitbull might interfere, but I will be happy to provide any useful information regarding setup or other interfering mods. [edit] Conditions of replication: I was able to generate this issue just by spam healing myself for a little while. The buffs/debuffs on me are visible in the screenshot below, but it didn't start immediately after I applied PW:S or anything else. Once the issue began, it seemed to "stick". By that, I mean that as soon as it started doing this, it kept doing so. I'm using v.4.0.0-beta1 I don't have an error log, but I have a screenshot of the issue. VisualHeal Error
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  • _ForgeUser1301649 posted a comment Jun 23, 2009

    at least for me it´s fixed <3

  • shefkin posted a comment Jun 24, 2009

    Hmmm. Wonder if it isn't a bug in LibHealComm itself. I can't seem to replicate this on my druid.

  • _ForgeUser145678 posted a comment Jul 10, 2009

    Ah crap my internet connection lost my comment I was typing. Anyways I don't know if this ticket is too old and forgotten, but I'd just like to say that I began to see this when I switched to Pitbull's raid frames.

    It seems completely random, but after a while it starts showing up, with no errors. It shows up for some people and not for some, in the same raid group that is. I went into some BGs, to get a couple of screenshots (it took a couple of runs to start happening :O). edit: Also I noticed that there are basically three options to choose from: either the healing bar / overhealing part doesn't show up at all (I can't actually see the green stuff but that might have something to do with custom colors?), it's shows up like it should be or it gets uber wide. Might happen only for a certain person, or happen for one and then be ok for the same person but then occur again. Random is random.
    This is me casting Flash Heal on "triiz".
    Casting Flash Heal on myself.
    Casting Flash Heal on myself #2. Both of the times I "targeted" (using mouse-over macros actually) myself from the raid frames. The result varied.

    What's wrong with priests :(

  • shefkin posted a comment Jul 16, 2009

    Issue isn't forgotten, but it's difficult to fix things that I can't replicate. On top of this. I'm leaning towards that this is actually a LibHealComm bug, but without being able to replicate it's hard to say for sure.

  • _ForgeUser145678 posted a comment Jul 18, 2009

    Yeah unfortunately I don't have any other alt I could spam heals with without going oom after 2 spells so I really can't say if it's just priests or if I could make it happen with shaman/paladin/druid. I disabled my raid frames for now and use Grid instead, though I can still see if it if I'm healing myself or using binding heal. It's just curious that I use LibHealComm in Grid too, but maybe this only happens on Pitbull because (as far as I remember), Grid doesn't show the overhealing part. Or something like that.

  • shefkin posted a comment Sep 11, 2009

    Can anyone confirm if this is still happening?

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  • jokeyrhyme posted a comment Sep 12, 2009

    Ummm, didn't we decide in this ticket that the Visual Heal bar poking out beyond the confines of the frame was a bad thing? Why does it still do that at all?

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  • shefkin posted a comment Sep 12, 2009

    Umm no that's not what that ticket was about. That ticket was about the height of the VisualHeal bar not matching the height of the health bar. VisualHeal has always shown overheal going outside the bounds of the unit frame. It's my intention to find some alternative options but it has nothing to do with this ticket.

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  • _ForgeUser236936 posted a comment Sep 15, 2009

    I'm still getting it every once in a great while. Its just like the the pictures with the white and red bar going WAY off the screen. It happens on Player/Party/Target frames. It seems kinda random also. It started doing it after I zoned into an instance when it was working fine outside it one time.

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  • _ForgeUser1912339 posted a comment Nov 13, 2009

    Yes, this was happening to me. I just installed pitbull4 and then also grabbed the latest version.

    This bug ONLY happens if you have the "Deficit" box checked for a frame for me. When I uncheck deficit it works as intended.

    Edited Nov 13, 2009
  • _ForgeUser1912339 posted a comment Nov 13, 2009

    Yes this still happens as of today. I just got pitbull4 and then also tried the latest version here and it still happens.

    The bug ONLY happens when you check the "Defecit" checkbox on a unit frame. Without the defecit checked it works as intended.

    Edited Nov 13, 2009
  • _ForgeUser394447 posted a comment Nov 26, 2009

    Confirming that this is still happening with the latest version of pb4, although it seemed to only happen when grouped for me - no amount of spamming could replicate it when I was alone. I didn't have time to stop and try to analyse the issue while it was happening, as I was attempting to heal at the time!

  • _ForgeUser736992 posted a comment Dec 17, 2009

    Is it possible for you guys to temporary write a module that would record all specific data that performs overheal visual in pitbull?

    I used to have something similar done for when i used to write in mIRC. Example of what i am asking is:

    echo -s Enter random 2
    IF ($len($nick) < 4) { return $false }
    echo -s Enter random 2 a
    IF $regex($nick,[-_`^]|[0-9]|[A-Z]|oo|\[|\]) { return }
    echo -s Enter random 2 b
    each time a check was made, i echoed right after to see which part was triggering the "halt".

    I don't have a problem running even if it is a heavy mod. When ever this error gets produced, i will close wow, copy the debug file, and mail it to you guys for analyzing.

  • _ForgeUser736992 posted a comment Dec 17, 2009

    I forgot to mention, i did produce this once on my druid 30 min ago on latest pitbull4 while i was not grouped. Then i did a /reloadui and it went away.

  • _ForgeUser3735290 posted a comment Dec 27, 2009

    What happens to be now and again: In a group or raid (maybe solo'ing, but I don't heal myself that often then), sometimes when I cast a heal, my own health bar or the one of my party/raid member will:

    (1) Extend way past what is reasonable. This is not an overheal amount, but much more so. It's not even when I'm overhealing. The bar will extend out well over 2x the width of the bar normally.

    (2) Be muti-colored. The bar will be white and green.

    If I'm casting a healing-over-time spell, the bar stays super long and obscuring until the HoT fades. I need to let it drop off to make it go away.

    Is there any fix to this? Is it possible something else is conflicting with pitbull that is causing this to happen?

  • _ForgeUser339603 posted a comment Dec 30, 2009

    For me, the issue appears to be linked to the threat bar. While instance healing, if I gained aggro or took a whack at a mob running past me (both of which would target the mob and introduce the threat bar to my player frame), I would then start to experience the multi-colored, over-extended visual heal bar others have described.

    So far, disabling the threat bar on my player unit frame appears to have fixed it.

  • _ForgeUser1226713 posted a comment Sep 26, 2010

    I did some testing on this issue this evening and I think this problem may be caused a conflict with the Pitbull4_AuraBar addon. Are any of the other people who are getting this problem also using this addon?

  • shefkin posted a comment Sep 27, 2010

    Nahh I've seen it myself before and I've never had theAuraBar module installed. I just haven't been able to replicate it in a very long time.

    VisualHeal will be rewritten for Cata anyway since LibHealComm will be obsolete.

  • shefkin posted a comment Nov 1, 2010

    Anyone see this happening in 4.0.x with the new VisualHeal implementation?

  • _ForgeUser5958957 posted a comment Nov 6, 2010

    I confirm it is still happening in 4.0.1 with the new VisualHeal implementation.

    Conditions required to trigger the issue:
     - Enable "Health deficit" toggle on your frames. The issue only happen on frames with this setting set, but can be triggered by healing any frame.
     - The bug triggers from both HOTs and direct heals
     - There seems to be a state the frames enter that cause this to happen. I do not know what triggers this state, but it could be related to other people healing. I am unable to trigger this issue alone in a closed testing environment.

    So I just did a ToC Heroic.
    The bug did not appear while solo-healing myself in Ogrimmar after logging on
    The bug did not appear prior to mounting up in ToC, despite trying lots of possible heal combinations
    The bug did not appear while we were mounted (I dismounted on purpose and healed a bit to try)
    The bug did appear the moment we left the mounts. I believe this was when the paladin was healing himself (he took some damage in the mount phase), but I am not quite sure. From there on, random bars started appearing on random frames for the rest of the instance.
    It seems to be a state toggle on the frames that enables this behavior - after the white bars have been enabled, it keeps on like that for that frame until something toggles it again. I do not know what triggers it.
    The bug state persisted on my player frame after finishing the instance.
    The white bars only last for as long as there are incoming heals.
    Doing a /reloadui cleared the issue

    Exhibit A: After finishing the mount phase.
    Exhibit B: After finishing the heroic.

    Edited Nov 6, 2010
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