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  • _ForgeUser88080 created this issue May 26, 2009

    Is there a way to arrange the buffs/debuffs as it was possible in pitbull3? So that they would seperate themselves from each other automatically? At the moment I can maually define the positions where the auras appear (via offset settings for example), but that's not really efficient if I want them to use as little space as possible.

  • _ForgeUser88080 added the tags New Enhancment May 26, 2009
  • tlund posted a comment Jul 31, 2009

    I would very much like to see this option as well. I am used to having buffs starting bottom-left under the unit frame growing right and then down, and debuffs starting bottom-right under the buffs, growing left and down.

    ..and for unfriendly units, the buff/debuff order is reversed.

  • _ForgeUser242275 posted a comment Sep 4, 2009

    I am having same issues here, at the moment i have to manually offset the buff/debuff positions which i found are not quite handy. I would also prefer the way it show debuff for emeny target and buff for friendy target at the same position while in PitBull3

    Totally agree with tlundse, that suggestioin is great! cheers!

  • _ForgeUser2012988 posted a comment Sep 13, 2009
    I made a dirty hack to put the Debuffs on top off the Buffs (my Buffs are on top of the frames).
    	-- Anchor Debuffs on top of the Buffs (Dirty Hack)
    	if not is_buff then
    		local my_buffs_per_row = 5
    		local my_offset_y = 0
    		if i==1 then
    			my_offset_y = math.ceil (#frame.aura_buffs / my_buffs_per_row) * (db.layout.buff.size + 1)
    			offset_y = offset_y + my_offset_y
    This code-snipplet has to be placed in the /aura/Layout.lua in line 366 before "if display then" (but i am using NOT the latest alpha release - maybe something has changed in between. WARNING: If you use different sizes for YOUR BUFFS this wont work but your debuffs could be sized differently (the hack needs a fixed number of buffs per row to work - change the corresponding line for your number of buffs per row).

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