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  • _ForgeUser2289278 created this issue May 16, 2009
    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel? Aura highlight filters could really use precedence options. This mock-up screen-shot best describes: In the above I have many border highlights for various debuffs: Disarms, Cyclone, Unstable Affliction. As well a couple buffs such as Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light. I want Unstable Affliction ("HL: UA") to have highlight precedence over all other filters. To do so I would click the mock-up "Up Arrow" at the right of "HL: UA" to bring the UA filter to the top. Currently when a magic debuff is put on the unit frame, the unit frame border highlights blue (the default color for magic debuffs). My UA filter is set to highlight red however. But because the magic debuff is at the top of the filter list, it has precedence over my UA filter. Instead of having to recreate the list, I'd be nice to have little Up Arrows that control the ordering for filter precedence. A small suggestion. ;-)
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  • shefkin posted a comment May 16, 2009

    Probably going to be different than that, more along the lines of ordering for bars and what not. The click to go up or down bit can get very tedious very fast.

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