Mouseover fading #1347

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  • Farslaw created this issue Apr 12, 2022

    Hello! I think it would be nice to have a fader option available that enabled mouseover fading or unfading.


    I noticed that there was a plugin someone made that works with you casting to unfade your frame if it was already faded. It was made back in WoD but it still works fine today.

    Is there a way to appropriate their work to work with mouseovers instead of casting events?


    I would like to be able to fade my frame to 0-10% and when my mouse touches it, it fades back into existence. This would appeal to those who want highly customizable frames and also want to decrease their UI footprint and go minimalist.

    Thanks for reading! <3

  • Farslaw added the tags Enhancement Enhancment Apr 12, 2022

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