bossframes not working with other addons like clique and clicked #1320

  • Teddywulf created this issue Apr 1, 2021



    I have an issue with bossframes not working with other addons like clique and clicked.



    Clique isen't finding the friendly bossframes, wont show the frame in the blacklist option at all if not previously registerd from an hostile bossframe in fight and then its just shows the first one of five.

    Works fine with friendly raid and grpframes, entering config mode in pitbull registerst all grp and raidframes in clique but not the bossframes.

    Changing the bossframes to something like grpframes to register them with clique and changing them back dosen't help, no binds will be triggerd.

    Mouseover macros from the skillbar are working with the bossframes but the same macro in clique dosent work.


    Clicked dosen't find the bossframes at all, not even when i'm infight or after, and when i change them to something else to register them and change them back it's the same as with clique.


    Tried both addons with other raidframes and no issues at all with bossframes.

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