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  • elwingwhite created this issue Sep 19, 2019

    Hi there,
    since yesterday all player characters have pirate portraits (eye-patch or captains hat) in WoW Classic. NPC portraits are displayed correctly as they appear in-game. Before yesterday I didn't have that problem. I deleted the WTF folder to check if the problem persists with new wtf filesand it still does.

    This is only with Pitbull. The default Blizard player/target unit frames don't have the pirate appearence. Using PitBull4-v4.1.20-classic4 since 3 weeks.


    Screenshot: https://ibb.co/tp4Hf6q


    Edit: There are 2 other misfunctions that I noticed:

    - Portrait doesn't change to shapeshiftform as a druid, when the fade-out function is turned on.

    - When faded out sometimes only the pirate portrait is displayed at the location where the player frame is. Only selecting and deselecting a target makes it dissapear again.

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  • poouya021 posted a comment Sep 19, 2019

    I tried even downgrading to older versions and still pirates. Kinda annoying.

    Edit: It's a stupid pirate's day function. under modules>portraits>

    What a stupid feature

    Edited Sep 19, 2019
  • elwingwhite posted a comment Sep 21, 2019

    Haven't noticed that "feature" under modules>portraits. Thanks for pointing this out and for the reply :)

    And yes, was only for that day - didn't know that it was pirate's day xD

    The day afterwards this was gone, so I close this topic.

  • elwingwhite closed issue Sep 21, 2019

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