Text on New Lines #1264

  • Enhancement
  • Bigface11 created this issue Sep 6, 2019

    Would it be possible to have text across multiple lines?  Either that, or at least multiple anchor points for text.


    For example, I'd like my health bar to show name, health (min/max), health percentage, level, race, class.  But instead of it all being on one line (left, middle, right).  I was hoping to have it be like the following layout:


    [Name]                                   [Health (Min/Max)]

    Lvl [Level] [Race] [Class]       [Health Percentage]


    All of that in the health bar.  Can't seem to figure a way to do that now if that's already a capability.



  • Bigface11 added a tag Enhancement Sep 6, 2019
  • nebula169 posted a comment Sep 6, 2019

    Add WordWrap() at top then you can add newlines with \n

  • nebula169 closed issue Dec 18, 2019

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