How to change Dog-Tag classcolor? #1242

  • Aur0r491 created this issue Oct 23, 2018

    See above...

    I've changed some classcolors in the /pb -> color settings, everything is fine but it does not change the color of any dogTag-classcolors.


    Any idea?

  • Aur0r491 posted a comment Jun 17, 2020



    Unfortunately I still have the same problem, I noticed it again when setting up my WoW-Classic UI.

    I have changed the class color for priests, but the color of the DogTags remains the default color.

    Isn't there a way to adjust this?


    Classcolor - DogTag

  • nebula169 posted a comment Jun 18, 2020

    DogTag is a third-party lib and it looks like it already has a ticket open about this, but it is quite old. So you can try and bring it up again with Parnic (the current maintainer) or try switching to Lua texts.

    Edited Jun 18, 2020
  • nebula169 closed issue Jun 18, 2020

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