"Color by class" does not take precedence over "Color by hostility"? #1239

  • nordveien created this issue Aug 28, 2018

    After BfA release, with no changes to addon settings from my side (only updating the addon itself), all members of opposing faction are colored the same for me when I target them, or if they are my target's target. By changing color I checked that they are colored by hostility (my War Mode is off, so in my case it was Colors > Reaction > Civilian color). Before BfA they were colored by class.

    In my "Target" and "Target or target" layouts > Health bar both checkboxes are checked: "Color by class" and "Color by hostility". The tooltip to the latter reads "Note that color by class takes precedence over this".


    Is it possible that something changed (or didn't change properly for BfA), which makes members of the opposite faction be colored all the same with these settings?

  • nordveien edited description Aug 28, 2018

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