Buffs/debuffs not falling off targets #1223

  • Tabagem created this issue Mar 6, 2018

    I quit the game for a while but recently came back; I've been using pitbull forever but I believe that the target buffs/debuffs are broken.


    My target (usually friendly) will say it has 20+ buffs/debuffs on it even though most of the buffs/debuffs arent active.


    When I mouseover the buffs/debuffs it'll have the active ones at the bottom of the frame next to the portrait but as I move up the list the tooltip disappears for the ones that are no longer active, as if they shouldnt be there, which they shouldnt since theyre not actually on the target.


    By the end of a boss encounter the tank may have 20+ buffs/debuffs that are showing in pitbull while only 4 or 5 may still be active.

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