Problems with a new player frame popping up. #1219

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  • swagbook created this issue Dec 14, 2017


    I seem to have problems with Pitbull atm - I made my own player frames and it works pretty good so far.
    But now i'm stuck with a problem, for some reason a new ORIGNAL player frame pops up when I get into combat and target something else besides my main target.
    So if i'm in combat with 1 target its no problem but the second I target something else while in combat, the orignal player frame pops up above the player frame I just made, after a few seconds out of combat the orignal player frame dissapears again

    I've tried almost everything to prevent it from popping up. I can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem. 
    I'm not even sure its the Pitbull addon anymore, it might aswell be something with MoveAnything addon but im pretty clueless.

    Picture of the orignal frame popping up (training dummy):


  • swagbook added a tag Waiting Dec 14, 2017

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