Export & Import of Layouts for specific chars between accounts #1092

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  • DruidPOV created this issue Dec 2, 2014

    The old version of Pitbull, looking back at 2008-2009 seemed to have the function to export layouts either by exporting them to strings or send ingame.

    Found this article about it:

    But the new version Pitbull4 does not seem to have this option anymore?

    My problem is that i have two different accounts. And I want to export the layout from one of my druids who is a Guardian on one account..to another druid i already have a Pitbull setup for on my other account, but that pitbull setup is for HEALING.

    Some addons have the Dual-spec-option, where you can have the layout change based on the spec you are in...cannot find this in Pitbull4 though is it possible in Pitbull4?

    Both Bartender and KGPANELS have this dual-spec option and it is great.

    Best regards.


  • DruidPOV added the tags New Other Dec 2, 2014
  • nebula169 posted a comment Dec 3, 2014

    Dual spec stuff is done in the Profiles panel

    As for the import/export feature, there was a version in vangual's branch that I fixed up here, I'll probably move it into master at some point or make it a third party addon

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