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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.5


    - Add support for hiding the new raid frames in 4.0.x.
    - Fix a typo in the Clique support template.
    - Fix a lua error in the VisualHeal5 module.
    - Add support for the built in incoming heals data in 4.0.x.
    This is implemented as a separate module so that LibHealComm will not be
    loaded on 4.0.x.  Unless LibHealComm is installed as a separate addon or
    embedded in another addon it will not be loaded on a 4.0.x client.
    Both modules have the same loaded name in PitBull4, so they share the
    same config.
    - Allow StatusBar texture to be configured for Eclipse Module.
    Will follow the default bar texture selection for the layout.
    - Fix LuaTexts for 4.0.x.
    - Fix ManaSpark for 4.0.x.
    - Fix PowerBar for 4.0.x.
    - Fix HappinessIcon for 4.0.x.
    - Fix CombatFader for 4.0.x.
    - Fix DruidManaBar for 4.0.x.
    - Update detection of dispel types for changes to healing classes in 4.0.x.
    - Fix the unknown spells in Aura filters, filters still need work though.
    Druid filters should be up to date, everything else still needs a lot of
    - Update revamped Clique support to a newer version of the spec.
    Lesson: Always reload the page you loaded 2 days ago with the newest
    - Add support for the new revamped cata only Clique.
    - Add Eclipse module to .pkgmeta and modules.xml
    - Commit the code to deal with Lunar and Solar Power colors.
    Fixes the Eclipse module.
    - Eclipse Module: Initial checkin, still needs some work but it's useable.
    - Fix HideBlizzard to be aware of ConsolidateBuffs and avoid taint in 4.0.x
    - Fix a bug related to switching profiles while in a group.
    Can happen anytime you're switching to a profile with a group that is
    showing to another profile that a group of that name does not exist.
    - Add SoulShards module, for 4.0 Warlock Soul Shards
    - Add HolyPower module, for 4.0 and above
    - Ticket #792, Warlock/Shadow Priest filter fixes.
    - Support Party and Raid frames on Cataclysm.
    - Fix RoleIcon module for Cataclysm.
    - Disable the ability to cancel buffs from within PitBull4 for Cataclysm. Use /cancelaura AuraName if you want to remove buffs now.
    - Detect failure to create groups on Cataclysm Beta and disable group features.
    - Fix LuaTexts error on Cata Beta that prevents Health from showing.
    - Ticket #771: Mage Filers missing Improved Counterspell and Deep Freeze.
    - Remove compat code for pre 3.3.x from Filters and update Priest filters.
    Resolves Ticket #785.
    - Ticket #780: Add Eclipse (Lunar) to druid self buffs

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