This addon makes it very easy to collect rare wild battle pets. It creates a button PetFarmerButton with which you can perform all actions to find and catch wild battle pets. All actions can be performed with one key. Assuming you have assigned a key to PetFarmer in the key bindings.


  • Targeting nearby wild battle pets
  • Starting pet battles (only with key)
  • Forfeiting pet battles
  • Killing unwanted wild battle pets


  • Key bindings
    • First you should assign a key in the key bindings to PetFarmer.
  • Options
    • You can hide the button PetFarmerButton, because starting pet battles only works with the assigned key or with the right mouse button. The assigned key still works.
    • Let the max. search distance at the default by 80. Except you want only search nearby.
    • Next, you can decide how the search will perfomed. Either uses your own comma-separated list of pet names and/or abbreviations (case is ignored) or the filter of the addon PetTracker (if installed).
      The advantage of using the PetTracker filter is, that if you change your current zone, the search list is automatically updated.
      The advantage of using your own list is, that you can define a least level per name or abbreviation in the format <name[:#]>,....
    • Finally, you can define a comma-separated list of spells (case is ignored) to kill unwanted wild battle pets with it. Class-specific spells are ignored by classes they can not use. So you only have one list for all classes. If you empty the list, no pets will be killed.
      Attention: Don't define AoE spells or auto-targeting spells.

How does it work?

The following actions are executed when the assigned key is pressed:

  1. Key press (without a target):
    Targets a nearby wild battle pet.
    If the target was...
    • ...not in the previous pet battle, it is marked with Unknown quality.
    • the previous pet battle, not marked and the breed quality is...
      • ...Poor or Common, it is marked with Poor.
      • ...Uncommon, it is marked with Uncommon.
      • ...Rare, it is marked with Rare.

  2. Key press (with a target):
    If the target was...
    • ...not in the previous pet battle, the pet battle starts and the pet is marked.
    • the previous pet battle und marked with...
      • ...Poor, it is killed using the specified spells.
      • ...Uncommon, it is marked with Poor.
      • ...Rare, the pet battle starts again (rare pets are not killed).

  3. Key press (only during a pet battle):
    Forfeits the pet battle (wait until the pet is visible again!)


  • Pets that are not wild battle pets, are not targeted.
  • A wild battle pet will be marked if it is targeted, or if the pet battle begins.
  • The targeted pet can only be killed, if it was in the previous pet battle.
  • The targeted pet cannot be killed, if you fly.
  • The pet battle cannot be started, if you fly.


  • Click on nothing or press ESC, to remove the marker and the selected target.
  • Click on nothing or press ESC, if you do not want to kill a pet with uncommon breed quality.
  • If you forfeits the battle and spam the key before the pet is visible again, another nearby pet will be targeted.
  • If the pet battle starts, you can see the preserved mark shortly.
  • You can move the button PetFarmerButton with the right mouse button.


  • /pf or /petfarmer opens the options panel
  • /pf help shows this help
  • /pf find <name[:#]>,... sets a list of strings (optional with least level), used to search wild battle pets
    • Example: /pf find toll,elox:24,robo
  • /pf kill <spell>,... sets a list of killing spells for unwanted wild battle pets
    • Example: /pf kill throw,ice lance


  • Why is a wild battle pet selected sometimes, which is farther away, while another is closer?
    There is a normal animal in your area, with the name of a wild battle pet, you're looking for.
    • Example:
      Looking for mouse and hare. Three animals are in your vicinity.
      Mouse (normal animal) 3 yard away, mouse (wild battle pet) 5 yard away and hare (wild battle pet) 9 yard away.
      The Hare will be targeted.
      The reason is that the function TargetUnit by Blizzard does not distinguish between normal animals and battle pets.
  • Is it possible to search all wild battle pets in my vicinity?
    Yes, you must enter the entire alphabet in the "List of wanted battle pets".


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