All Namespaces

  • Bind a key to toggle the Paste window
  • characters
  • Clear
  • Command-V
  • Config
  • Control-V
  • Debug
  • Display minimap icon
  • Edit font scale
  • for options
  • General
  • It looks like you're pasting some slash commands to a chat channel. Would you like to execute them instead?
  • Left Click
  • lines
  • Minimap Icon
  • Open the configuration GUI
  • Paste
  • Paste and Close
  • Paste to:
  • Profiles
  • Right Click
  • Scale the Paste window and all its contents
  • Scale the text font used in the Paste edit box
  • Shift-Enter hotkey while typing in the edit box will Paste and Close
  • Shift-Enter to Paste
  • Show
  • Show/Hide the Paste window
  • Strip Empty Lines
  • Strip empty lines (those containing only whitespace) from the output. Note some channels automatically drop fully empty lines.
  • to toggle window
  • Toggle debugging output
  • Trim Whitespace
  • Trim whitespace from the beginning and end of lines in the output.
  • Use %s to paste the clipboard into this box
  • Window Scale
  • You must select a whisper target!

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