Patch 7.3 #60

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  • Blain_Cooper created this issue Sep 3, 2017

    Addon doesn't appear to work since 7.3 release.

  • Blain_Cooper added a tag Patch Sep 3, 2017
  • caslynn98 posted a comment Sep 17, 2017

    I'm having the issue of paste not working. Game says it is out of date, and the Paste window does not work. The command buttons do not "paste' paste and close, or even close.  So sad, made life so much easier.

  • gheburah777 posted a comment Oct 22, 2017

    Having the same issues as caslynn:  loads but is unresponsive.  Can ctrl+v and paste text, move around options menu, but the main window "paste," "paste + close," and "close" do not work.  The text just sits in the box.  Location cannot be changed.  None of the main window buttons are active.


    Have deleted all other addons from the Interface folder, have deleted WTF and Cache folders, deleted all addon files in the interface folder, re-downloaded the original zip files, unzipped into a blank Interface folder in WoW.  Have reloaded, exited, rebooted, etc.

    Edited Oct 22, 2017
  • Forge_User_90728335 posted a comment Jan 1, 2018

    Im having the same problem as everyone else, I can't paste, clear text or even close it, need to use esc button.

  • whydoineedtoprovidethis posted a comment Mar 4, 2018

    I managed to get this working for myself. I downloaded Ace3 addon framework, unzipped the AceGUI-3.0 directory from it, and used it to replace the one in  Paste\libs\. Seems to be working, but I haven't thoroughly tested it, as I was just happy to once again be able to use it to add TomTom waypoints.

  • Nirgali42 posted a comment Aug 19, 2018

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