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  • 6.0.2


2014-10-18  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[617ff80f47fe] [tip]
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Adding close button back by popular demand

[95f10cc935d5] [v3.8.1]
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Added tag v3.8.0 for changeset c818157a48e3

[c818157a48e3] [v3.8.0]
* localization/itIT.lua localization/ptBR.lua wiki/Main:

Now with search support

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Added tag v3.7.2 for changeset 0c0920f98eb0

[0c0920f98eb0] [v3.7.2]
* localization/load.xml

fix localization load order

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Added tag v3.7.1 for changeset a06ef9219ab0

[a06ef9219ab0] [v3.7.1]
* localization/itIT.lua localization/load.xml localization/ptBR.lua

Fixing up for missing locales

* wiki/Main:

Updates to the description

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Added tag v3.7.0 for changeset 758c3cb40ee5

[758c3cb40ee5] [v3.7.0]
* OneBag3.lua

Exposes WoW's built in bag sorting

2014-10-15  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Packaging changes to fix crash bug

[486e0dc4234c] [v3.6.1]
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Added tag v3.6.0 for changeset e1ddd728f2fb

[e1ddd728f2fb] [v3.6.0]
* OneBag3.lua OneBag3.toc

Fixes for WoW 6.0, Added several event handlers, ToC Bump

2013-09-10  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v3.5.0 for changeset fe8d40f84831

[fe8d40f84831] [v3.5.0]
* OneBag3.toc

Toc Update for 5.4

2012-11-28  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v3.4.8 for changeset c7702dcdda97

[c7702dcdda97] [v3.4.8]
* OneBag3.toc

Update for 5.1

2012-09-08  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v3.4.7 for changeset e72ace84dae2

2012-09-06  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[e72ace84dae2] [v3.4.7]
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Added tag v3.4.6 for changeset 31b4f48eaef6

2012-08-28  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

[31b4f48eaef6] [v3.4.6]
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Added tag v3.4.5 for changeset 4e1c084ae5f0

[4e1c084ae5f0] [v3.4.5]
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Added tag v3.4.4 for changeset 43a8a94291bf

[43a8a94291bf] [v3.4.4]
* OneBag3.toc

New Toc Version for 5.0

2012-08-25  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* wiki/Main:

Updating main wiki page

2012-08-23  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v3.4.3 for changeset 79d8219ffea4

[79d8219ffea4] [v3.4.3]
* OneBag3.lua

Fixed long standing typo that'd affect how certain auto-open functions work

2011-11-29  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

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Added tag v3.4.2 for changeset 11fb0a1f4d82

[11fb0a1f4d82] [v3.4.2]
* OneBag3.toc

4.3 update

2011-09-14  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* wiki/Main:

test commit for prencher

* wiki/Main:

test commit

2011-07-08  Bryan McLemore  <kaelten@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v3.4.1 for changeset 923f5241fe08