How to report a bug

Please read below very carefully before attempting to report a bug. Read everything on this page if you use an alpha or beta version.

  1. DO NOT report bugs in the comments section!
  2. Please use the ticket system to report bugs
  3. ALWAYS check older tickets first
  4. Disable all other addons and retry
  5. Remember to confirm your version number
  6. Finally, read this

If you've understood all that, then proceed here to report a bug and I thank you for your time. Check back later in case I need further feedback or confirmation that a bug has been fixed for you.

You can also use the ticket system to request a new feature or for any other issue (e.g. providing/requesting a translation).

Addon conflicts

Please don't report conflicts with other addons to their authors unless you're using a stable release (non-alpha, non-beta) version of Nauticus. However, do tell me in either case.

Don't include your list of addons when pasting error logs. If there's an addon conflict, there's no practical way I can test each of them, so you must identify the conflict. A good way to do that is with something like ACP, which can disable and enable addons in-game.

If you use a Beta or Alpha release

  • Has the bug already been fixed? Read the changelog of the latest alpha release here
  • If you choose to use an alpha revision, make sure you're using the latest revision and pay attention to the changelog

Remember that alpha versions are development-only releases, primarily for the author's benefit. Beta versions are specifically put out there for testing purposes for willing users and, as such, are not guaranteed to be stable for normal use.


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