My Dungeons Book

My Dungeons Book

Addon to collect and store specific information about your myth+ challenges.


  • Automatically collects data about your myth+ runs
  • Each character has it's own db, so data isn't mess
  • Log and Debug mods that allows to track what is going on (this messages are not shown to your group)
  • Next information is stored:
    • Team roster - class, spec, role and equiped items for each party member
    • Encounters data - start time / end time, duration, deaths count, results (wipe or passed)
    • Used items - alchemy, trinkets etc
    • Interrupts - who interrupted, what cast was interrupted, how many tries of interrupts were. It's typical case when 2+ people tried to kick single cast
    • Some special casts - it's a part related to the dungeons specific mechanics. Good example here is kicking balls on fight with ML first boss
    • Some personal casts with long CD for each party member (with timings and targets)
    • Dispels - who dispelled, what was dispelled etc
    • Buffs and debuffs for each party member
    • Damage taken by all party members
    • Damage done to the specific units (e.g. explosive orbs)

Slash Commands

  • /mdb - shows/hides the GUI
  • /mydungeonsbook - shows/hides the GUI
  • /mdb help - shows list of available commands


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