I've taken a year off from WOW and from addon stuff but I'm back. I'll be updating MultiTool shortly


MultiTool: A set of tools aimed at making WoW just a bit more user-friendly, and is especially useful for friends who group up and quest together. It used to also focus on MultiBoxers (people who play multiple accounts at the same time), but changes in Cataclysm (mostly involving widespread use pf so-called phasing) caused me to give up multiboxing, and realistically, many others did so as well.

I still find this addon to be darn useful, so I am maintaining it.

v6.0.2.000 is the current version as of October 2014 - I will be testing the various features out for bugs/issues as soon as the patch hits on October 14

Changes in 6.0.2 WOW include some heafty changes to bag management - I don't THINK my addon will be affected but I'll be checking the bag count/warning and any other features to ensure they're not broken

v5.0.4.001 an old versionas of November 2012. I've got v5.1.0.001 ready to roll as soon as I see the patch has hit.

v0.5.1 is an old version. I found and fixed some annoying gossip option issues that were causing city guards, multi-profession trainers and other NPCs with multi-level dialogs to jump forward in dialogs. I also improved the "Try to use Guild Funds for repairs" by putting in better checking to ensure that you only try and use the funds if you're allowed, if your guild has enough in the bank, and if your daily limit allows your current repair bill.

v0.3.02 is an old version... there was a report of a possible bug in the Taxi Follow function, but I was never able to replicate. Please use the latest version and if you encounter problems, let me know.

Patch 3.1 caused the auto accept group functionality to end up declining even when the settings were for acceptance. PLEASE update to the latest version on if you're having troubles.


There are quite a few Multi-boxer specific addons available, but I never liked having to rely on the master being party leader or having to specify a master in the options somewhere. It leads me to stuff like clicking quest gossip options on a "slave" and getting everyone out of sync. To solve this, I came up with a "masterless" way of sharing flight paths and quest gossip.

So, when you want to take a flight path, you just open the flightmaster with all your toons then pick path with whichever toon is handy. They will all follow. It even works if youre all in the same continent but at different flightmasters... as long as they can all get to the node you target, they will all fly even if they were in different zones. (but only on same continent)

As someone who dual / triple boxes all the time, I have found a lot of little bits and pieces in the addon world that help take some of the drudgery out of multiple invites, turnins, quest gossips, yada yada. Often times, I find I am installing a whole addon just for one small feature, leading to a lot of overhead.

Enough is enough. This addon was inspired by Smurfy's MultiBox v2 which has a great collection of really useful stuff. If MultiBoxer was Ace3 or used a more lightweight approach, I'd probably just contribute and/or make a fork. Instead, I've decided to try my hand at a ground-up, exactly-what-I-want, lightweight Ace3-based addon.

For full documentation and change log, please visit the project page at WowAce

I've got a LOT of little things I'd like to do with this addon over time. Some of these may be impractical or not really end up being what I wanted. They are listed here somewhat in the order I want to build them in.


  • Warn on losing autofollow - Implemented v0.3.5
    Warns the person in the party who you were following if you lose / stop following. Both toons involved need to be running MultiTool for this to work, but it doesn't need to be told who is supposed to be following whom... it works that out for itself and warns the person being followed that the follower has stopped.
  • Auto Accept Resurrection - Implemented v0.3.04
    Auto accepts resurrections... can configure to only allow from whitelist. It even handles situations where you have a number of seconds to wait until being able to accept.
  • BLIZ Addon Config compatible - Implemented v0.1.02
    Will properly integrate into the new Blizard addon configuration pages
  • Profile support - Implemented v0.2.04
    Will use profile-type system to allow for easy customization per toon/account
  • WhiteList - Implemented v0.2.04
    define one or more toons in a list for use in invites, taxi following, auto trade, etc that require a high degree of trust (More than just general friends list)
    Possibly define permissions (canAutoTrade, canChooseTaxi, canAutoInvite, etc...)
  • Auto Deny duel requests - Implemented v0.1.02
    Maybe MAYBE allow whitelist to request dual - though dueling dualboxers seems a bit Freudian to me
  • Inviter - Not Started
    Attempt to invite all those on your white list with one click
  • Taxi Dispatcher - Implemented v0.1.03
    Allows other toons in your group with the addon to automatically take the same taxi node as you
  • Quest Log Full alert - Implemented v0.2.03
    Some kind of sound/warning to other members of group with addon if a toon's quest log is close to full
  • Bags full warning - Implemented v0.2.03
    Some kind of sound/warning to other members of group with the addon that bag space is low/empty
  • LootSetter - Not Started
    Automatically set party loot to FFA when leader and party consists only of those on your ffa list. When adding members NOt on your list, switch to Group Loot
  • Auto Accept Group Invite - Implemented v0.2.04
    define a list of toons whose invites you will always accept
  • Auto Repair - Implemented v0.2.00
    When a toon with the addon opens a dialog with a repair vendor, it will attempt to repair all
  • "Follow Me" - Not Started
    Any toon in group with the addon can send a "follow me" command and the others will attempt to /follow them... this will probably ONLY work out of combat due to Blizz security
  • AutoTrade - CANCELLED
    IF a party member in your group with the addon AND in your white list clicks "accept trade", your toon will auto accept.

NOTE: Due to some abusive addons in the past, Blizz completely protected the AcceptTrade() function from addons being able to run it, so AutoTrade is dead in the water. Just bind a key to a macro with /script AcceptTrade();

  • Triage - Not Started
    Auto switch party lead to next in line in your whitelist when current leader dies
  • Quest Gossip Share - Implemented v0.1.05
    Allows other toons in your group with the addon to copy your choices on quest dialogs
  • Auto Quest Completion - Not Started
    Quests with simple turn-in-and-done dialogs will autocomplete when NPC dialog is opened
  • Quest Progress Announcement - Not Started
    Announces to others in your party who have the addon when you make progress on a quest(like the old cosmos-based Party Quests) used to do
  • Auto Share quests - Not Started
    when one toon picks up a quest, they will attempt to share with others in the group who have the addon
  • Auto accept shared quests - Not Started
    when a shared quest is offered by another in your group with the addon, you will attempt to accept
  • Auto Accept Escort/Event quests = Implemented v0.2.04
    When an event or escort type quest is started in your group, normally you get a confirmation dialog. MultiTool can be set to auto accept these events without intervention. GREAT for event chain quests like Circle of Blood.
  • Auto Sell Gray/Junk - Implemented v0.2.00
    When a toon with the addon opens a vendor dialog, it will attempt to auto-sell gray quality items... need a blacklist to stop selling of arbitrary desired items
  • Auto restock reagents - Not Started
    When a toon with the addon opens vendor dialog, will scan for desired reagents/items as well as current supply in toon's inventory and buy enough to return to preset supply
  • Group Hearth - Not Started
    Command to cause all in your group with MultiTool (in whitelist when I finally build that) to hearth

There are probably many things I can't think of at the moment, but this is a good wish-list.

If I can figure out a way to do it, I may set this up as individual modules so that one can quickly enable/disable parts they want or don't want to save performance and to try and isolate the parts from each other as much as possible


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