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  • johtro created this issue Dec 14, 2011

    I move the "window" where I want it, and lock it,  but a /rl or a actual logout / in will reset its position.
    Using alpha v50

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  • Tom65789 posted a comment Dec 14, 2011

    Can you provide your settings lua file, you can find it in: /WTF/<Account name>/SavedVariables/MosphetCookies.lua

    Should see ["xOfs"] and ["yOfs"] in there

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  • johtro posted a comment Dec 17, 2011

    ["Default"] = {

    ["aisthresh"] = 1.8,

    ["fontface"] = "Morpheus",

    ["yOfs"] = 205.4996235624404,

    ["xOfs"] = 159.0004674267817,

    ["fontsize"] = 19,

    ["cobra"] = false,

    ["steady"] = false,

    ["hastep"] = true,

    ["refresh"] = 0.5,

    Edited Dec 17, 2011
  • Tom65789 posted a comment Dec 18, 2011

    Its strange because the values are been saved and should be read. The only way I was able to replicate this was by using the chat command and not moving my mouse cursor off the anchor. Since it uses an "OnLeave" script to save the variables when the mouse cursor is moved off the frame. Going to try changing something and if it doesn't work I'll try with a mouse click or something. You're the only person with this issue I know of.

    Try r52 and tell me exactly what you are doing from the very first moment you start the game.

    Edited Dec 18, 2011
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  • keLston posted a comment Jan 9, 2012

    I just downloaded MosphetCookies for the first time so I am using r52. And I am also seeing this issue.

    I moved it to the right side of my screen and I found when I logged back in that the display had moved to the lower center of my screen.

    And as per the previous:

        ["profiles"] = {
            ["Default"] = {
                ["fontstyle"] = "NONE",
                ["cobra"] = false,
                ["fontface"] = "Enigmatic",
                ["hastev"] = true,
                ["yOfs"] = -218.9990939374644,
                ["xOfs"] = -7.757603344573688,

    This is the current position I moved it slightly to the left under my player frame. And oddly enough. Despite not logging out or reloading the UI, immediately after moving it, it repositioned itself to a different location (like about 2 window spaces to the left) and then back again.

    Edited Jan 9, 2012
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