This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


MosphetCookies is a really simple addon that allows Hunters to select what information they want to display on their screen such as the current Aimed Shot Cast time, Pet Attack Power etc. This was an idea based on a simple AiS display I made and a few Hunter friends who then requested I add a few more features which then became this addon MosphetCookies. I am open to feature requests but if I don't feel its within the addon's scope or something that is really needed I don't think I will add it.

I don't currently plan on supporting other classes than Hunter currently since I don't know of any reason for other classes to need this, but I may develop the addon to support more at a later point in time.

Version 2 planned for Warlords of Draenor. Watch this space.

I recently came back to the game after quitting due to blizzard leaving hunters in a terrible state for progress which is what I play for mostly, and after having to reroll warlock or risk getting benched 2 tiers in a row made me decide to quit and after looking at Warlords of Draenor along with many old guild members coming back I decided to join them and hopefully plan to pick up my hunter and this addon from where I left off.


  • Information Displays:
    • Aimed Shot cast time display.
    • Steady Shot cast time display.
    • Cobra Shot cast time display.
    • Haste value displays:
      • Percent
      • Rating
    • Pet Attack Power display.
    • Rabid Power stacks.

  • Display Customization:
    • Color Thresholds:
      • Specify custom threshold values for all displays.
      • Allow users to customise colors for above and below a specified threshold.
        (Example: AiS cast below 1.7s is green while above is red)
    • Refresh Rate Customization:
      • Allows users to adjust the refresh rate in which the addon checks the displayed information.
        (Default: 1 Second)

Upcoming/Todo List

This is a list of the features that still need to be added or I am considering adding at a later point in time, most if not all of this will be changeable in the configuration section of the addon allow the users more control over how they want the addon to appear.

  • Focus Regen/Output (Done, local build only atm.)
    • Basically, the character pane focus regen display is almost completely useless in combat, it displays incorrect focus regen alot of the time and doesn't take into account steady/cobra shot. Going to add a display for how much focus you will have for your next GCD and your average focus regen taking into account steady and cobra.

  • Function Overhaul (Done, local build only atm.)
    • This will happen when I'm pretty much done with how I want the addon to work, basically once I'm happy with the addon I'm going to overhaul the whole addon to version 2 and optimize everything it does now and allow for even more customization for you guys :)

  • More support for Survival and Beast Mastery
    • Since I'm currently playing these 2, theres a few things I've wanted to add to support these more so I dont need to keep making weakaura's and other things. If you have any suggestions please leave in the comments or use the ticket system. The main one being the snapshotting for Stampede and when it is most effective to use this. Though in Warlords snapshotting will be removed, I still want to add a display so you can see when you have a optimal buff stack to use it on.


Please use the ticket tracker here on WowAce for bug reports and feature requests (Create Ticket)


Please visit the localization page here to translate in-game phrases. It is open to anyone with an account. I'd appreciate it if people could contribute to localizing the addon. The following are translated and need a maintainer:

  • enUS
  • deDE
  • ruRU


Will add some when I get asked the same question alot (If any)


  • Blizzard
  • Cyrila


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