This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Attention! Starting from revision 3, MakeMods is being reworked to feature user-configurable settings via the AddOn Options in-game. Revision 2 is the initial commit I was using on my own machine and with my own guildies. It's hard-coded to work with the Kinder der Nacht guild on EU-Das Konsortium. It gets the job done so feel free to use it - but make sure to manually edit makemods.lua so it actually works for you, your realm and guild. This is temporary. There'll be no documentation about how to tweak revision 2 to suit your needs. For a fully working version that players can modify comfortably, just wait a bit. Once it's done I'll remove this notice. Until then, every revision from revision 3 onward is considered alpha quality, unfinished and potentially broken. Here's what MakeMods will do for you once this transition is complete:

About MakeMods

MakeMods automatically promotes certain players to Moderator status for calendar events. Never again do you have to manually promote players for all of your events. Let MakeMods take care of it!

Use Case Example

You are a guild officer. Quite regularly you create calendar events for your guild's raid evenings. You and your co-officers as well as your guild master talk about attendees for each raid. Everyone involved should be able to set the invitees' status to Confirmed, Standby or Declined without having to wait for one particular player to come online. They should also be able to manually invite additional players on short notice. Naturally, they need Moderator status to do that. Even if you do your best to remember character names and manually promote them to Moderator status, you overlook someone. It happens.

Why not use something automated, something where it doesn't matter if you can remember all of your co-officers' character names off the top of your head?

Use MakeMods!


You can change MakeMods' behavior through the AddOn Options in-game. By default MakeMods doesn't do anything, so open up your AddOn Options and set your preferences. MakeMods' settings are saved on a per-character basis.

If you're in a guild, you can set MakeMods to auto-promote Moderators by guild rank. Let's assume that your guild officers have their own rank called Officer. In order to auto-promote them to Moderator status for any arbitrary calendar event, just tick the appropriate checkbox with their rank name, in this case, "Officer". Now whenever you create an event MakeMods will automatically promote all players ranked Officer to Moderator status.

Even if you're not in a guild, MakeMods can still auto-promote players. The promote-by-guild-rank option will be grayed out but underneath you'll find a setting to promote players by name. It's a comma-separated list, you simply enter character names like so: "Charlie, Delta, Echo" - without the quotation marks. Now whenever you create an event and someone from your list is invited, MakeMods will automatically promote them to Moderator status.

Both the promote-by-guild-rank option and the promote-by-name option work together, you can mix and match as you see fit. For example you can set MakeMods to always promote all Officers as well as your friends James, Jimmy and John. Go nuts and set it to whatever you need.

MakeMods also works if someone else created an event. Since moderators can promote other players to Moderator status, all you need is Moderator status yourself. Once someone has given you Moderator status, open the event in question and MakeMods will work its magic.

Bugs and Suggestions

Please post bugs and suggest improvements at the ticket tracker.

In case of new features please note that I'm not particularly inclined to add unnecessary bloat to the add-on. Features I'm considering are black and white lists to fine-tune which events MakeMods may and may not handle; also an option to undo MakeMods' promotions. One thing at a time though, don't hold your breath.

Development Progress

The add-on is in its testing phase. At least on my machine it gets the job done. However, while it is unlikely, the add-on may very well melt your computer or show other unwanted behavior.

You can always find the latest alpha versions at the MakeMods WowAce home page where I maintain the add-on. Alpha versions may melt your computer even faster than beta and stable versions.

If you can, please review the source code and point out any obvious mistakes I made. For me MakeMods is a means of applying what little Lua knowledge I have to a real-world project. I'm fully aware that the source code must have plenty of room for improvement. I'm willing to learn and I'll gladly accept any hints you can provide.

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