This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Written by luggy @ Stormrage-EU

Latest Changes

lugMD 0.52 beta 1
 NB localisations are not yet complete.
Updated to be compatible with WoW 2.2 Added option to announce when your MD buff is over e.g. when you have cancelled it or used 3 shots. Targets window is no longer anchored to the minimap, instead an anchor similar to the one used by the timer bars. Enable show anchors to move it's position.


lugMD has two main features timer bars and target assignment.

Timer bars

  1. The buff bar - the time left on the MD buff (maximum 30 secs).
  2. The cooldown bar - the remaining cooldown on MD before the hunter can cast again (120 seconds).
With multiple hunters in a group, the buff and cooldown bars group together for clarity.
  • Additionally, the following message can optionally sent to raid or party chat --Misdirection cast on %T--

MD Target Assignment

For those that have raid leader or raid assistance status MD target assignment is done via a simpel menu: Shift+left-clicking the lugMd icon will bring up a menu allowing assignment of hunters and tanks to the raid target icons. left-clicking the lugMd icon will then announce those targets to the channels specified in the options (DEFAULT: raid) e.g. White Skull: Luggy --> Tank1 Blue Square: Hunter 2 --> Tank 2 etc There is currently no logic to detect mutliple assignments so be careful :)


lugMd configures it's communication automatically, all it needs is for all raiding hunters to posses the addon. A typical example would be all the hunters in a guild to download and run the addon for a raid on Grull's lair. On first load, two anchor bars will be show, one for each timer group. These can be dragged to the desired location and hidden by left clicking on the lugMD minimap icon or alternatively a command line option. To test the lugMD timers outside of a raid/party, simply target your pet and cast Misdirection.

About lugMD

lugMd is an Ace2 addon designed to assist raiding hunters coordinate their Misdirection (MD) abilities. lugMd is best experienced in a raid environment. Designed to send and receive messages to/from hunters in a raid group, lugMD will trigger a timer bar for each hunter on all hunter's screens. In this way, members can clearly see targets and cooldowns. All required Ace2 libraries are distributed within the download. I designed lugMD to help overcome the problem of accidental wastage or incorrect targeting of mobs. For example, hunter A uses his initiative and casts MD on the Main Tank just before the boss pull, starts an aimed shot but before it fires, hunter B unwittingly casts MD too. Likely result is hunter A to get initial aggro and any nasties that may follow.


To access the options right-click the lugMD minimap icon, or alternatively type
to bring up a list of command line options.


  • Allow designation of a rotation to the hunters, to be displayed graphical on all hunter's screen.</li>
  • Further localization. The addon use ace locale and is written with this in mind, but any translations would need to be given to me as I do not speak the other languages. See locale-enUS.lua and locale-deDE.lua for a guide on the localization process, is very simple.</li> </ul>

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