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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

An addon to automate the communication for guild loot councils.

A major pit-fall of the Loot Council system of loot distribution is communication between council members.

This addon creates a voting window for each piece of loot and allows an item to be opened for bidding. Currently allows raid members to link to the raid channel with an item they wish to upgrade with the current item being voted on. Once a time period has passed, no more people can add their bid to the list. From then on council members have another period in which to finish voting.

Loot Council r15

  1. Open a mob, populate the item list
  2. Open an item for bidding
  3. Auto-close item and move on to voting
  4. Close voting
  5. Tally votes
  6. Repeat for all items

After that, the Loot Master can distribute loot to the winners


Options are defined in the Guild Information window, all options can be left out and use their default values (see below)

@announce:Raid Warning
  • Bid Time: Time in seconds players have to link items for upgrade (Default: 30 seconds)
  • Vote Time: Time in seconds council members have to vote after an item is done with bidding (Default: 60 seconds)
  • Rarity: The rarity threshold to watch for adding new items to the interface (Default: 4 - Epic Quality)
  • Roll Percent: Amount of votes needed to be able to win or roll for an item (Default: 50%)
  • Roll Out Of: What number players should roll out of when rolling for an item (Default: 100)
  • Roll Time Out: Time in seconds players have to roll for an item before they automatically pass (Default: 30 seconds)
  • Channels: Name of the channels you want the addon to listen on for item links (Default: Raid (Includes Raid Leader))
    • This can be a list of channels separated by commas: guild,party,mycoolchat,officer,raid,mycoolchat2
    • The addon will listen to all channels in the list for item links during the specified period
  • Announce Channels: Name of the channels you want the addon to announce events to (items open for bidding, items about to close, closing, winners), same as above. (Default: Raid Warning)
  • Private: A Boolean value (true/false), will hide other council members votes from all users (including the leader) (Default: false)


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