LibRecipes organizes trade skill recipes, spells and items into sets. LibRecipes is a LibStub library for querying these sets. Its focus is efficiency and speed.

You can retrieve the spell taught by a recipe and the item it creates. Or you can find the recipe that teaches a spell. In WoW there is a big difference between each of them. For example:

Item 37337 (Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stats)


spell 44616 (Greater Stats)

  which creates

_item 38987 (Enchant Bracer - Greater Stats)_.

Note: the ID's used in the example above are outdated.

Recipes, spells and items are all represented by numeric IDs. You can use WoW API methods GetSpellInfo(id) and GetItemInfo(id) to retrieve the details respectively of spell and recipe/item IDs.

You can read about how to use LibRecipes in your mod on the API page.

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