LibRecipes organizes trade skill recipes, spells and items into sets. LibRecipes is a LibStub library for querying these sets. Its focus is efficiency and speed.

You can retrieve the spell taught by a recipe and the item it creates. Or you can find the recipe that teaches a spell. In WoW there is a big difference between each of them. For example:

Item 37337 (Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stats)


spell 44616 (Greater Stats)

  which creates

item 38987 (Enchant Bracer - Greater Stats).

Recipes, spells and items are all represented by numeric IDs. You can use WoW API methods GetSpellInfo(id) and GetItemInfo(id) to retrieve the details respectively of spell and recipe/item IDs.

You can read about how to use LibRecipes in your mod on the API page.

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