LibQuixote-2.0 Callback API

LibQuixote-2.0 communicates a lot of data to you by firing callbacks. This is an alternative to the plain-blizzard way of registering QUEST_LOG_UPDATE, storing a copy of the data, and scanning the whole thing whenever it fires to check for changes.

Here's a quick example of how to set up these callbacks:

local quixote = LibStub("LibQuixote-2.0")
local myAddon = {}
function myAddon:Quest_Lost(event, title, uid, zone) ... end

quixote.RegisterCallback(myAddon, "Quest_Lost")

There are some standard arguments to the callbacks, which I'm not going to explain each time:

the name of the quest, in the current locale.
is the numeric unique id of the quest, as extracted from its link

Now here's a full list of the callbacks, and the data they provide:

Standard quest callbacks

  • Quest_Gained (name, uid, number of objectives, category, provider, provider is a player?)
  • Quest_Complete (name, uid)
  • Quest_Failed (name, uid)
  • Quest_Lost (name, uid)
  • Quest_Abandoned (name, uid)
  • Objective_Update (name, uid, objective, number had before, number got now, number needed, type)
  • Update : fires whenever any of the above events do
  • Ready : fires the first time quixote has data available

Party information

  • Party_Quest_Gained (party member, uid, name)
  • Party_Quest_Complete (party member, uid, name)
  • Party_Quest_Failed (party member, uid, name)
  • Party_Quest_Lost (party member, uid, name)
  • Party_Objective_Update (party member, uid, name, objective, number got now, number needed, is reputation?)
  • Party_Update (party member) : fires whenever any of the above events do
  • Sync_Finished (party member) : fires when data has finished being synced with a player


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