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A library to force common FCF (Floating Chat Frame) functions to create and use animations instead of using UIFrameFlash.

You need this library if:

  • Your addon hooks the `.AddMessage` functionality of a Chat Frame to modify the output.
  • Your addon makes use of chat event filters. (ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter)

What will this do for my addon?
If your addon does make use of one of the above 2 features, it will prevent your addon being blamed for blocking talent changes.

An in-depth explanation of the problem:
The most popular way of having your addon blamed for blocking talents currently is the use of static popups, this issue is fixed in patch 5.2. There's also a second way this can happen which is largely unknown as it only affects a select group of users, those who have separate chat tabs set up for various chat events, e.g. Whispers.

Due to Blizzard's use of UIFrameFlash on chat tabs that receive new messages, any addon that was in the execution path (e.g. chat mods, chat filters) will then be blamed for talent taint.

This chat code has been the same for years, however it is only now an issue as Blizzard added a UIFrameFlash onto the talent frame, rather than use the animation system.

I don't envision Blizzard fixing this any time soon (ideally they'd remove UIFrameFlash and use animations instead), at least not in time for patch 5.2 anyway.

Basically what this library does is hook 4 Blizzard chat functions (which from testing, can be safely hooked without any issues or execution blocking) and re-writes said functions to use the animation system. This method currently works successfully without creating any further problems.

Note: This library can be used as a standalone addon but it is recommended that authors embed it in their addons to fix the issue for the majority of users quickly.

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