Registering for Addon Messages

LibBNAddonMsg:RegisterForPrefix(prefix, callback) Register for a specific prefix. Callback will be called with msg, sender as arguments. LibBNAddonMsg:RegisterForAll(callback) Register for all addon messages over the battle.net channel. Callback will be called with prefix, msg, sender as arguments.

Sending Addon Messages

LibBNAddonMsg:SendAddonMessage(prefix, msg, target) Send an addon message.

Helper functions

LibBNAddonMsg:NameToToken(name) Returns a token representing the name - this will be the same as the token passed to the receive message callbacks. LibBNAddonMsg:RealmCharToToken(rcString) Takes a character+realm identifier in the format of "Char-RealmName" (realm name without spaces) and returns a token representing that character's realID name. Only works if the character is currently logged on and on your realID friends list.


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