sanity check need in case empty string passed to lib:IsAlt(alt) #6

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  • speedwayst4r created this issue Nov 29, 2016

    recently (maybe my Prat alts list is corrupted?) function lib:ListAlts started throwing a nil operator error on line 327, caused by an alt whose value is the empty string ""


    2x AddOns\RosterTooltip\Libs\LibAlts-1.0\LibAlts-1.0-40.lua:327: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    Locals: nil


    The existing sanity check traps nil assignments, but not the empty string "". Thus,


    if not alt then return nil end

    needs to be changed to


    if not alt or alt == "" then return nil end

    to resolve the issue.

  • speedwayst4r added a tag Defect Nov 29, 2016

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