This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

--- A ItemSync update for wow client 4.1.0 is coming the next days! Please be patience! ---

What is ItemSync? ItemSync is an item collection and manipulation mod. ItemSync will gather items from many different sources. Many features are available to you such as a search feature for items that were gathered and even a favorites window to keep track of items you really would like to have. ItemSync also comes bundled with several other useful tools that will be described below.

ItemSync will always maintain an updated list of items and names. It’s all automatic and you don’t have to do a thing. Just let ItemSync work its magic.

What features do I get with ItemSync? There are tons of features are your disposal! ItemSync comes complete with the following abilities: -Filtering -Search -QuickBag (a portable inventory bag with easy to read item prices) -Favorites (a window to keep track of all those favorite items you’ve wanted) -ItemID (a window to allow you to manually input item id’s for items you haven’t seen) -Optimizer (a feature that allows you to always keep a clean and efficient database.) -Validater (a feature that allows you to validate those invalid items in your database) -And so much more!!!!

ItemSync will gather items from almost every possible location. This includes locations such as the Auction House, Bank, Inventory, Inspect Window, Chat Window, and more.

ItemSync also stores the prices of items when you visit a Vendor. Not to mention it even grabs the items that the Vendor has to sell!!!

Favorites Window: A neat ability that is available to you when you use ItemSync. It allows you to store those items you come across and have always wanted. The Favorites window makes it easy for you to remember items. No more writing down items and then forgetting what they were called or what stats they had.

QuickBags: QuickBags is a portable inventory bag, which displays prices of items in a simple to read format. No more having to hover items in your bags to view what each item is worth. Selling items to a vendor has never been easier!

Search Window: ItemSync comes with a very power search capability. You can search by items by location, rarity, level, and even resistance.

ItemID: ItemID is a very nifty tool which allows you to manually input items by their item id to your database. This is a great way to add items you haven’t come across yet. Filtering: ItemSync can store items based upon your filtering settings. Want ItemSync to only collect blue items and above? It’s easy with the Filter window. You can even purge the database by a specific rarity.

Fetch Links: Fetch Links is a very handy feature in ItemSync that allows you to quickly and easily add items to chat by using partial names. For example typing [*ore*] in the chat window would replace it with the actual link for [Copper Ore]. Fetch Links is a very powerful tool and has many applications.

Can I see prices of items in the tooltips? YES! ItemSync has the ability to display both the Vendor Price and the Sell Price for an item within the tooltip. You can select which features you wish to view within the Options window.

Do I ever get disconnected linking an item? You shouldn’t ever disconnect while linking an item from ItemSync. ItemSync has been programmed to prevent any such actions from occurring. If however in the event you do disconnect then you should take caution when linking that item in the future. The creator of ItemSync takes no responsibility for any disconnections that may occur while using ItemSync.

Can I see the items across servers? Yes, this option is available to you. It isn’t recommended as item id’s are different across servers. This means you will always have a constant list of invalid items if you merge them across servers. By default ItemSync separates item collection by server.

Can I convert my data from LootLink/KC_Items/ItemsMatrix? NO! I repeat NO! This ability has been removed from any future version of ItemSync. This is just to time consuming. If other folks wish to make converters then they are allowed to. I will post links to them as they become available.

If you guys and gals could be so gracious as to spread your views and acknowledgement and acceptance of ItemSync to your friends and family. I would be truely in all your debts.

Also your votes would be truely kind and will repay me for all the work i've put into this mod.

Sincerely Yours, Derkyle


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