Item Search Syntax

As in most search engines, typing plain text will leave the engine to understand what you are looking for, by perform a smart search. And, most of the times, that is all you need.

But there are situations were you may want to make more specific searches. For example, typing "banana" will find any item with "banana" in it's name, but typing "armor" will find both items that have "armor" in their name, as well any in the "armor" category.

Specific Searching

  • To find an item by quality, type q:[quality] or quality:[quality]. For instance, q:epic will find all epic items.
  • To find an item by level, type l:[level], lvl:[level] or level:[level]. For example, l:30 will find all items with level 30.
  • To find an item by type, subtype, or equip location, type t:[search], type:[search] or slot:[search]. For instance, t:weapon will find all weapons.
  • To find an item by name, type n:[name] or name:[name]. For instance, typing n:muffins will find all items with names containing "muffins".
  • To find items in an equipment set, type s:[set] or set:[set]. For example, s:fire will find all items in equipment sets you have with names that start with fire.
  • To search trough the items tooltips, type tt:[search] or tooltip:[search]. For instance, tt:binds will find all items that can be bound to account, on equip, or on pickup.

Search Operators

  • ! - Negates a search. For example, !q:epic will find all items that are NOT epic.
  • | - Joins two searches. Typing q:epic|t:weapon will find all items that are either epic OR weapons.
  • & - Intersects two searches. For instance, q:epic&t:weapon will find all items that are epic AND weapons
  • >, <, <=, => - Performs comparisons on numerical searches. For example, typing lvl: >30 will find all items with level HIGHER than 30.

Search Keywords

The following search keywords can also be used:

  • soulbound, bound, bop - Bind on pickup items.
  • bou - Bind on use items.
  • boe - Bind on equip items.
  • boa - Bind on account items.
  • quest - Quest bound items.
  • unique - Unique items.
  • artifact power, ap - Artifact Power items.
  • champion equipment, equipment - Legion Champion Equipment.
  • toy - Toys.