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  • _ForgeUser5646260 created this issue Jun 25, 2013

    Hello, more of a request from me and possibly other fellow Warriors that use this. Amazing addon btw.

    Warrior T16 DPS 4set.

    Name: Death Sentence
    ID: 144442
    Type: Buff (on Player)
    Duration: 12 Sec

    Where: Goes to Execute Button w/ button Glow & countdown timer for the buff.

    Tried to add it manually on the PTR but didn't work so better safe than sorry!

  • _ForgeUser5646260 added the tags New Task Jun 25, 2013
  • Nulgar posted a comment Jul 6, 2013

    Did you try it with a normal colored border as well? Glow sometimes doesn't work for me either.

  • _ForgeUser5646260 posted a comment Jul 9, 2013

    Yeah, nothing but trying now and it appears to be default (glow) but no countdown timer so I guess that's where Inline Aura comes into the picture. IF one (me) wants to have it on the action bar. I guess a timer is easily set up using Weak Aura etc.

    Edited Jul 9, 2013

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