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    Dec 1, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.0.3a


    - Removed "transparency" highlight effect and made the "dim" one actually work.
    - Fixed font flags.
    - More "highlight" options (half-implemented).
    - Properly update on macro changes.
    - Also show bloodlust/heroism/time wrap/ancient hysteria debuffs.
    - Added health-based glows.
    - Properly display built-in overlays on macros.
    - Allow several positive results from test to merge together.
    - Fixed some glitches with debug output.
    - Removed unused code.
    - Fixed GetSpellInfo error.
    - Reduced computation for buttons that directly hold items and spells.
    - Reworked countdown and stack display.
    - Moved most of frame related code into its own file.
    - Properly handle latest target options.
    - Fixed defaults.
    - Small fixes.
    - Converted the latest state modules.
    - Fixed eclipse energy.
    - Small fix.
    - Renamed Specials.lua to StateModules.lua
    - Converted Eclipse to new state module.
    - Changed stateModule:Test argument order.
    - Properly load defaults again.
    - Almost working.
    - First attempt at revamping specials.

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