Heal Organizer

This add-on helps organizing the healers in your raid by allowing the user to drag and drop healers into different assignments. Assignments can be as complex or simple as the user wishes.

= Quick Start =
  1. Open Heal Organizer by using the slash command: /healorganizer, /hlorg, or /ho
  2. Click on the default assignments (%MT1%, %MT2%, …etc) to change wording
  3. Drag and drop healers into assignments
  4. Optionally enable whispering assignments by clicking “Whisper healers…”
  5. Click “Raid”/”Channel” in the “Broadcast” section to publish the healing assignments.

= Usage =
  • Assignments can use %MT1% through %MT10% as replacement strings for main tank names. Main tanks can be set via CT_Raid enabled add-ons like Ora2.
  • Any unassigned healer automatically takes on the “Remaining” assignment, but will not be whispered.
  • There is a key binding registered under the WoW standard key binding interface. (Press ESC => Keybindings, to bring it up).

= Autofill =

Hover over an empty slot and use your mouse wheel. It will cycle through the following labels:

  • Empty
  • Priest
  • Druid
  • Paladin/Shaman

= Saving Sets =

You can define 30 sets which can be saved, loaded and deleted. Each set saves the assignment text and class for each assignment. It does not save the healers’ names as players are likely to change between raids.

= Slash Commands =

/ho dialog

This will open the heal organizer dialogue. This can be used in a macro or you can just setup a key binding via the standard WoW key binding interface (ESC => Keybindings, look near the end).

/ho autosort

This option toggles whether players will be sorted by class/name within groups. This is only useful if the order you assign healers denotes things like backup healers or secondary healers.

= SVN/Contributing =

Contributions/suggestions are always welcome, but it doesn’t mean I will always use/implement them. Please feel free to contact me! For source contributions please provide a diff.

SVN: svn://svn.wowace.com/wow/heal-organizer/mainline/trunk


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