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Question: Can I use HeadCount to track group attendance and loot in a 5-man party group?

Answer: No. Currently, HeadCount only supports raid groups. An enhancement request currently is open to support party groups, but there is no current release schedule for this feature.


Question: HeadCount tracked 1000 Emblem of Valor items for the raid I just attended. How do I configure HeadCount to not track an item?

Answer: Use the HeadCount chat command option to manage the loot blacklist along with shift-clicking a loot link.

To add an item to the blacklist (do not track the item anymore): /headcount exclude add [Emblem of Valor]

To remove an item from the blacklist (track the item): /headcount exclude remove [Emblem of Valor]

Question: I was outside the raid instance or out of range when a piece of loot dropped. How do I manually add a piece of loot to one of the tracked raids?

Answer: Use the HeadCount chat command option to manage manually adding a piece of loot to a raid.

To add a loot item to a raid, first note the raid id associated with the raid you want to add. The raid id will be one of the ordered numbers in the raid history displayed in the user interface.

/headcount loot add [Grieving Spellblade] <raid_id_number> <player_name>

If you made a mistake on entry by choosing the wrong raid id number or wrong player name, don't panic. Respectively, you can view the appropriate raid and delete the misadded loot or change the loot properties via the loot management display as needed.


Question: Whenever I import the data string into my raid tracking web application (EQdkp, EQdkp Plus, etc.), it doesn't properly associate the raid with the correct event name. How do I get EQdkp to automatically generate the correct raid event name for a HeadCount data string?

Answer: Configure the event triggers within the CTRT Import plugin for EQdkp.

1. Login to your web application with the DKP administrator account.
2. Go to the Administration Panel.
3. Add the following event names if not already present:

  • Vault of Archevon
  • The Obsidian Sanctum
  • Naxxramas
  • The Eye of Eternity

4. Configure the CTRT Import plugin.
5. Go to the event triggers.
6. Add the event triggers (Trigger -> Event):

  • Vault of Archevon -> Vault of Archevon
  • The Obsidian Sanctum -> The Obsidian Sanctum
  • Naxxramas -> Naxxramas
  • The Eye of Eternity -> The Eye of Eternity

When additional raids are added in future content patches, you will need to repeat the process for the newly released instances.


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