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    Mar 15, 2013
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  • 5.2.0


    - Found the cause of all troubles: Selfish add-ons using :SetScript() on nameplates instead of :HookScript(). HHTD is now protected against those: it will detect :SetScript() calls and re-apply its hooks. As a bonus it will also denounce (once per session) the add-on doing this and display a nice little message about it in the chat window encouraging users to contact the reported add-on's author...
    - Added a debug level to debug calls missing it.
    - Added a consistency check in NPR:EachByName() (Note: all these consistency checks are commented out in non-alpha packages)
    - - Fix commit 3dd4e3ca34fec where I added a delayed scan of nameplates when the name doesn't change between two consecutive show events. The feature was failing in race conditions and causing the very issue it was supposed to avoid. - Added some more consistency checks.
    - - Added new command line debugging option: /hhtd DebugLevel 1|2|3 (1==all, 2==warning, 3==errors). - Debug is now enabled by default in alpha packages and set at level 2 (warnings)
    - - If the name of a previously hidden nameplate doesn't change upon showing then wait a little before firing our onshow handler just to make sure the samenameness isn't due to a slow update... - Added many sanity check only active in alpha packages, still to find the cause of this bug I cannot reproduce... - Improved some logic
    - Added new debugging tests to diagnose the random symbol issue reported by some players.
    - Added more information to the assert()'s message of last commit.
    - Added an assertion to diagnose another Lua error which might be related to the one fix in the commit before last.
    - - The API UnitSetRole() has become protected in 5.2 so delay its call until the player is no longer in combat. - cleanup
    - Fix a Lua error happening is some conditions when several nameplates share the same name and one belongs to a detected healer. This error let HHTD in a wrong state which could translate into healer symbols not being properly hidden and thus appearing randomly on non-healer nameplates...

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