This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Guilder is an addon written to attempt to make everyday guild life simpler and more enjoyable. The addon contains modules for guild admin as well as party/raid utilities (This addon uses Ace3 and libdatabroker)

Guilder has been rewritten and now uses a new API. If you have version 1, please delete it and its saved variables before installing this version!

Note Version numbering will be x.y.z, where x is a major rewrite of the framework, y is added functionality and z is bug fixes.

Text and Tooltip

Note Text will only be visible if you are using a "bar" addon like ChocolateBar or FuBar (with Broker2FuBar).


Shows one of the following options:

  • Guilder - default option
  • 2 online - only number of officers online
  • 2/3 online - online / total
  • 3 officers - only total



Note offline members can be hidden

  • Joe - in green for online
  • Mary (Martha) - in yellow, Officer's Name (Alt Name)
  • Sam - in red for offline

Modules (Optional)

  • Name of module - Enabled or Disabled

Hint (Optional)

  • A reminder of the Click combinations and what they do

Main Window

  • Here you can specify how ranks are set up (for the tooltip window) as well as specify what should be shown:


The following module(s) are currently working

Busy Responder

  • Responds to selected members when they send you a whisper.
  • You can choose to also respond to anyone in these categories: Officers, Guild, Raid, Party and Friends.
  • Note The responder will not respond to any of the above categories if it isn't selected.

Crowd Control

  • Enables you to assign people/tasks to the raid icons and then announce it.
  • You can announce it on the SAY channel
  • If you are the party leader, you can also announce it on the PARTY channel
  • If you are the raid leader, or a raid assistant, you can also announce it on the RAID channel
  • If you are a GM or an officer, you can also announce it on the GUILD or OFFICER channel


  • Can query anyone in the group with Guilder installed and show you their consumables status.
  • This is useful, since range isn't an issue like with other consumables checking addons.

Quick Share

  • Allows you to share notes with other players with Guilder installed.
  • If the note contains a macro, you can also save it to your own macros from here.

Roster Dumper

  • Allows you to dump the entire guild roster into a comma or tab delimited list for you to copy and paste from.
  • Note Tab delimited lists are useful to paste the roster into a spreadsheet.

Version Checker

  • Checks the versions of addons for anyone using Guilder.

Development Status

In Development

  • Remote Control - allows you to enable/disable selected Guilder modules for other players if you are a guild officer. It also allows you to request the raid leader to do a ready check if you are a raid assistant.

Being Considered

Mass Inviter

Tool to allow you to mass invite by level, rank, etc.

Mass Mailer

Tool to allow you to send a in-game mail to selected members of the guild.


Display information when entering a zone, specifically for dungeons/raids.

Still To Do

  • Make WIM behave by not showing guilder messages
  • Continue module development
  • Allow user to specify click combos

Problems or Suggestions?

If you have a problem or a suggestion, please create a ticket at


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