Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

GuildBankSpoofer attempts to fool inventory addons into thinking a guild bank is your personal bank.

GBS is experimental and unless some issues can be overcome it may never be ready for general use.

What it does

  • When you open your guild bank, a button titled "Spoof" is placed on the bottom left. Once clicked BANKFRAME_OPENED will be sent to all addons to fool them into thinking your bank has been opened.
  • bank APIs are hooked and info is replaced with guild bank info.
  • When a guild bank is closed a BANKFRAME_CLOSED event is fired.
  • LOCKED and CHANGED events are spoofed just like a personal bank fires them. (semi-working)

Things to consider when using GBS

  • If you use a addon that saves the inventory of your bank to a table, you might lose your real bank's inventory table and have it replaced with items from your guild bank.

Issues to overcome

  • ITEM_LOCK_CHANGED fires with container and slot IDs. GUILDBANK_ITEM_LOCK_CHANGED does not.
  • BAG_UPDATE fires with a container ID, GUILDBANK_ITEM_LOCK_CHANGED does not.
  • When a item is moved in a tab you're not looking at, API (GetGuildBankItemLink & GetGuildBankItemInfo) won't return correct info for the changed slots. QueryGuildBankTab() needs to be called before the API will return correct info.

Reason I made GBS

  • My auction mule has a guild bank to him self and ...
  • I regularly use Reagent Restocker to move overstocked mats to my bank. I wanted RR to use my guild bank for extra storage.
  • I use Skillet to craft items and wanted the shopping window to appear when at my guild bank and have the Retrieve button work. (GBS hasn't gotten the retrieve button to work yet.) I think Skillet's successor Gnomeworks might have guild bank support built in. Not sure yet.


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