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    Jan 1, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.1.0


    - Adding some updates to ChiBurst, also moving to a beta version for more users to try.
    - Adding inital commit of the new Chi Burst Status. This should be tested more, also needs to be optimized. There are also plenty of TODOS in the code to add features and update healing coefficients etc.
    - Optimized code to use GridRoster. GridStatusSmartHealing should be a little less of a resource hog. Also fixed some issues where PlayersInArea was not working, and ChainHealStatus was not working as intended.
    - Updating code to patch 5.0.4.
    - Fixing version number.
    - Fixing issues with an updated version of Grid.
    - Updating to Beta Status.
    - Added a new status called PlayersInArea, which will show how many units are in the area of any player in the raid with many changeable settings. In theory this will work for Holy Radiance, effloresce other player targeted aoe spells. Added more options to chain heal for maxStatusTargets and Center Text Option.
    - Initial commit.