GridAutoSizeLayout resizes the Grid frame to fit any raid composition.

Are you tired of:

  • Having to change Grid layout every time you want to do a world boss?
  • Seeing empty space on your Grid frame because its set to 40 man and there are only 15 people in your BG?

Well prepare to have your mind blown by GridAutoSizeLayout!

GridAutoSizeLayout adds two layouts "Auto Groups" and "Auto Groups w/Pets" to Grid's layouts.
When selected, the layouts automatically resize the Grid frame to fit any sized group, regardless of class, spec, zone or encounter.
When not selected as the current layout, the layout even stops updating to reduce cpu usage.
This plugin was made to address this grid ticket, which the author of Grid declined to implement. However, despite what the author of Grid may claim, GridAutoSizeLayout is not affected by, and does not change its behavior, based on any of:

  • Class
  • Spec
  • Zone
  • Encounter
Known issues

If a different layout is selected and then Auto Groups is switched to, the layout will not update until there is a change in the raid's composition. This is a limitation of Grid not having a message to notify of layout switches. As a result both pet and petless layouts are updated every time because there is no way to know when someone is switching between the two.


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