This addon provides further control possibilities for any other Grid status. By now the following controls are available:

  • show or hide status on key press (KeyGuard)
  • show or hide status in or out of combat (CombatGuard)
  • convert duration status (like aura duration) to min/max value status to be able to display remaining time of auras on bar indicators (like GridManaBars) (ToBarFilter)
  • filter status for specific classes (ClassGuard)
  • convert color of status to class color (ClassColorFilter)
  • aura filter (can be used as debuff white list) (AuraGuard)
  • convert value to text (like health) (ToTextFilter)
  • threshold filter for values (ThresholdGuard)

How does it work

Like the name says, the addon works like a pipe, every pipe consists of four parts:

  • indicator - status registered with the indicator of a pipe are used as input for the pipe
  • guards - guards control if a pipe is open or not
  • filters - filters change the values piped through the pipe
  • status - the pipes status is the output of the pipe and can be registered with the actual destination indicator

So what you have is the following:

[status to control] -> [pipe indicator] -> [pipe status] -> ([guards] -> [filters]) -> [destination indicator]

How to use - a few examples

Generally you do the following steps to configure a pipe:

  1. Create pipe by entering its name under "Grid -> Control Pipes -> New Pipe". This will create a new status for the pipe under "Status" and a new indicator for it under "Indicators".
  2. Set input of the pipe by registering the status to filter with the pipes indicator under "Grid -> Indicators -> <pipe name>"
  3. Set the destination of the pipe by registering the pipes status with the destination indicator under "Grid -> Indicators -> <destination indicator>"
  4. Configure the pipes Guards and Filters by adding new ones under "Grid -> Status -> <pipe name> -> <Filters/Guards>"

Some example configurations

"Shadow ward pipe" - As a priest I use GridStatusMissingBuffs to display missing buffs. But since Shadow ward isn't always needed I want to be able to easily toggling showing missing shadow wards on/off. To do this I pipe its state through a pipe which uses the KeyGuard. So I can toggling showing of missing shadow wards by pressing a key.

"Remaining Health pipe" - Most times health deficite is the only value I need to know for healing. But in some cases I need to know the remaining health of a unit to decide who needs special healing (during AoE for example). For this I pipe grids health status through a pipe with a "ToTextFilter" (to convert the health value to a text), a "ThresholdGuard" (to show remaining health only on half death people) and a "KeyGuard" (to toggle this on of).

"Debuff white list pipe" - Grid doesn't come with a whitelist for the debuff type status. To add this I pipe the debuff type status through a pipe with a "AuraGuard" where I can add the debuffs of this kind i don't need to see.

"Remaining hot duration pipe" - I use the mana bar of GridManaBars to show the remaining time of my hots on a unit by piping the "Aura Status" of the hot through a pipe with a "ToBarFilter". The destination of the pipe is the Mana bar indicator.

There are a lot more things you can use it for, just play around with it :). If you need other guards or filters tell me, its pretty easy to add new ones.


Q: "Why does my threshold guard does not work on the aura duration?" A: "Thats because you need to activate "show duration" at the aura status itself."


  • The reaction of the key depends on the duration you keep the key pressed. This means, if you keep the key pressed for more than 300ms the key will react as "while key is pressed", otherwise it will react like "toggle on key press".
  • Please resist the urge to create loops with the pipes! I know its tempting but I didn't test what happens if you do so and I won't take responsibility if it caused the ending of the world! Seriously!


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